"To learn, improve and grow continuously with a focused approach."


"To set a new benchmark in home-care medical services across the globe with the highest level of professionalism and honesty."

Our Core Values

- Care for PATIENTS

- Concern for HUMANITY

- Committed to our RESPONSIBILITY


  • Registered Nursing Staff [12/24 hrs. M & F]
  • Specialized in home-care nursing
  • 24/7 service
  • Premium Nursing care
  • Moderate Rates
  • Well organized system
  • Complete ICU Set-up

Our Services

We provide Basic Life Support [BLS] / Advanced Cardiac Life Support [ACLS], team For Escort Nursing Services nationally & internationally.

When all doors are closed after Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Stage 4 Cancer & Highly infected body parts it is very difficult to treat patients but we are Specialized in Palliative Care in which we serve the patients in the best way Possible.

We have qualified staff who are taking utmost care from starting & until end hence The patient cannot have infections like a fungal infection in the ulcer, excessive saliva, The darkness of Skin etc... We can do this because we do oral hygiene with Proper liquid material which can give the best results.

After Head & Neck surgery in cancer patients are required to take the post Operative treatment hence they can attain 100% effectiveness of the surgery, so We specifically care for stitches, Oral Hygiene, Dressing and do Sponging.

To avoid hospitals ICU/ICCU fears & tension, we come up with the solution. We arrange the finest ICU set-up at home as per patient’s condition & requirement at patients home. We offer three levels of ICU set-up Basic, Regular & Premium.

  • Lab Services
  • Doctor Consultations
  • Medical Equipment's deals
  • Online Health Chart [Be your own Health Master]


About Founder & Director

Patients smile is our satisfaction, and their trust is our motivation. Mr. Ashok Sharmafounder of Ashoka Health care, Ashoka critical care service [Home-care division] Aned surgical. Mr. Sharma believes in the statement and lead and lives with that. Mr. Sharma started the medical journey in his teenage. A nursing specialist then and owner of Ashoka health care now. To serve the society at large with moderate rates is his dream. A few years back Home-care was a new concept, people are not aware of home-care, they believe in hospital oriented concept only. So in this market to start home-care service was a big challenge, but Mr. Sharma not deviated from his initiative and stood like the rock and that has allowed him to learn & lead the company. He has put many big giants down with his unique business strategy and approach.

Statistical Data & Summary

Sr. No. Nature of Treatment Location No. of Patients Year
1 Oral Care & Radiation Care Gujarat & Rajasthan 500 plus Since 2015
2 Post chemo care Gujarat & Rajasthan 100 plus Since 2015
3 Palliative Care Gujarat & Rajasthan 100 plus Since 2015
4 Tracheostomy Care Gujarat & Rajasthan 50 plus Since 2015
5 Critical Care / Emergency Gujarat 80 plus Since 2015
6 On Call Service Gujarat 150 plus Since 2015
103, Shivam Complex, Opp. Hetarth Party Plot,
Science city - Sola Road, Ahmedabad - 380060.
Gujarat, India.

Contact(M) : + 91 7575810813

E-mail : info@ashokahealthcare.com